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Patient Experience Solutions for Healthier Outcomes 

Advanced patient experience platform for hospitals, independent practices, clinics, and all healthcare facilities. Offering consistent experience for providers, admins, and patients, reducing staff burden and competitive pressure.

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Simplify Patient Scheduling & Save your Staff Time

Online Scheduling

Patients have the freedom to choose their provider, select convenient appointment times, and the flexibility to cancel or reschedule appointments around the clock. 

Biometric Enabled Check-in

Allow your patients to enroll their face once, and check-in by just smiling at the camera for follow-up visits, reducing costs and preventing patient misidentification. 

Digital Patient Forms

Empower patients to fill out digital forms, sign consents, complete health questionnaires, and make payments via mobile, kiosks, tablets, or web. 


Experience a fully mobile-friendly journey with our end-to-end patient intake platform from scheduling to form filling, consent signing, and making payments.

Patient Messaging Tools & Streamlined Intake Process 

Text/Email Communication

Engage patients through personalized emails or SMS about their appointments. Personalize them using our standard or custom templates before sending them to patients.

Appointment & Payment Reminders

Eliminate no-shows with automated appointment reminders and ensure timely patient payments with payment reminders.

Queue Alerts & Wait-time Display

Send real-time updates to your patients regarding their queue positions and anticipated wait times and enable them to make informed decisions about their schedules.`

Monitor Intake Process

Capture patient demographics and other details ahead of their visit, eliminating cumbersome paperwork and prioritizing patient care.

Enhanced Communication for Better Patient Retention Rate 

Follow-up Appointments

Prompt your patients to schedule follow-up visits with automated appointment reminders.

Patient Survey

Seamlessly collect and organize patient feedback through user-friendly surveys or interactive tools to measure your patient satisfaction levels.

Post-Visit Communication

Send tailored messages and reminders regarding upcoming appointments, medication schedules, or post-care instructions using patient messaging tools.

Personalized Patient Workflow

Streamline your practice intake with our personalized patient workflows, creating a seamless and hassle-free experience for patients.

Improved Cash Collection with Payment Methods & Insurance Verification 

Insurance Verification

Optimize cash flow, minimize claim rejections, and instantly access patient’s co-pay details to stay updated on the latest benefit information.

Payment Options

Allow patients to securely pay their medical bills with diverse payment modes/methods including Google Pay, Apple Pay, CC, ACH transfers, and more.

Co-pay Collection

Collect your patient co-pays in real-time, eliminating bad debts and hefty outstanding dues before their consultation.

Automated Payment Reminders

Eliminate your patients’ delayed payments and due amounts, enhancing cash flow at your practice with automated payment reminders.

Bridge your Administrative Staffing Gaps 

Between managing appointments, pre-registration, insurance verification, and payments, your practice staff has several other tasks, and limited resources to manage these tasks. Hiring more staff isn’t always the most efficient solution but empowering your existing staff to work smarter, not harder, is a key. 

Our platform helps your staff overcome manual task burdens, allowing them to focus on patient care and enhance overall experience.

FaceCheck for Patient Identification

Ensure your patients breeze through a smoother check-in with FaceCheck. Eliminate patient misidentification, duplication of medical records, and medical identity theft via swift and secure facial authentication. Allow your patients to receive the appropriate care through simple self-enrollment process via FaceCheck.

Securing your Patient Data