CERTIFY integrates with major healthcare platforms to enable patient authentication & digital onboarding. Our network of integrations with EHRs, EMPI, & Eligibility & Benefits Verification system form a seamless end-to-end patient journey.

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Our EHR Integrations

CERTIFY’s EHR integrations provide a simplified experience for both patients & staff. We integrate data from health systems & clinical workflows for your convenience.

Our EMPI Integrations

CERTIFY’s EMPI integrations allow health systems to ensure accurate & consistent patient data, further strengthening patient care & reducing the unnecessary costs of duplicate medical records.

Our Eligibility & Benefit Verification Integrations

Having an efficient patient portal is crucial to maintaining a modern practice. That’s why CERTIFY offers an easy-to-navigate patient portal to verify eligibility, benefits, & more.

  • Live updates
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Touchless registration
  • Accurate patient information


CERTIFY speaks every EHR language so you don’t have to. Our Connect solution is a simplified API platform that enables health systems to manage multi-directional interfaces.

  • Practice management
  • Insurance eligibility
  • Billing system integrations

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