CERTIFY integrates with major healthcare platforms to enable patient authentication & digital onboarding. Our network of integrations with EHRs, EMPI, & Eligibility & Benefits Verification system form a seamless end-to-end patient journey.

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Our EHR Integrations

CERTIFY’s EHR integrations provide a simplified experience for both patients & staff. We integrate data from health systems & clinical workflows for your convenience.

List of some of the interated systems with Certify Health Desktop version
List of some of the interated systems with Certify Health Mobile version

Our EMPI Integrations

CERTIFY’s EMPI integrations allow health systems to ensure accurate & consistent patient data, further strengthening patient care & reducing the unnecessary costs of duplicate medical records.

List of EMPI integrated companies with Certify health

Our Eligibility & Benefit Verification Integrations

Having an efficient patient portal is crucial to maintaining a modern practice. That’s why CERTIFY offers an easy-to-navigate patient portal to verify eligibility, benefits, & more.

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  • Live updates
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Touchless registration
  • Accurate patient information


CERTIFY speaks every EHR language so you don’t have to. Our Connect solution is a simplified API platform that enables health systems to manage multi-directional interfaces.

  • Practice management
  • Insurance eligibility
  • Billing system integrations
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