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At CERTIFY Health, we understand the pivotal role of communicating with world-class healthcare leaders. Our partnership brings you an easy-to-use platform that elevates every interaction. Let’s work together to transform the way you connect with your patients and make every interaction meaningful!

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CERTIFY Health collaborates closely with premier health systems and esteemed organizations to revolutionize the patient experience. Our partnership approach ensures access to advanced technology and innovative strategies, empowering our partners to deliver exceptional care while prioritizing patient well-being. Join us in transforming the healthcare experience by partnering with CERTIFY Health to drive positive change in patient care delivery.

Types of Partners

Our partnership programs have been meticulously crafted to cater to the distinctive needs of healthcare professionals. We offer our services to different partners in healthcare.

Solutions Partner

We offer solution provider programs that are customizable to align with your healthcare IT services, business solutions, or consulting operations. Based on your unique business model, we build tailored programs that offer flexibility in engagement levels and revenue models.

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Strategic Partner

We value our strategic partners and aim to maximize their potential through tailored solutions. Get benefit from our specialized group-specific pricing, customized plans, and exclusive feature sets to align with your requirements.  

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Hardware Partner

Collaborating with HID and other kiosk companies ensures robust security measures to protect patient information and maintain compliance with hardware regulations. 

Our Security Partner – HID Global

HID Global, a leading organization in providing secure identity solutions, is partnered with CERTIFY Health for security measures. They specialize in identity management, secure access control, and other related technologies. To ensure robust security measures for several industries including healthcare, HID offers range of products including,

CERTIFY Health has strategically partnered with HID for the biometric patient engagement platform. To enhance the security measures within the healthcare platform, our platform collaborates with HID for several key benefits:

Our Kiosk Partners

CERTIFY Health strategically collaborates with leading Kiosk providers to streamline patient interactions within the healthcare platform. By partnering with renowned kiosk manufacturers, we ensure integration and deployment of user-friendly kiosk interfaces that are customizable for different healthcare organizations.

Partnering with Kiosk providers offers key benefits:

Integration Partners

At CERTIFY Health, we collaborate with a diverse range of integration partners including EHRs, EMPI, and payment gateways to offer seamless solutions. Our integration partners play a vital role in expanding our platform’s capabilities, ensuring compatibility and enhancing interoperability for a more comprehensive healthcare experience.