Patient Authentication

Patient Authentication

Leverage the use of Biometric Authentication to positively identify every patient that walks through your doors in real time.

Authenticate in Many Ways







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Simplified Authentication

CERTIFY simplifies authentication and provides you with a secure and scalable authentication platform that enables you to make smarter, more accurate and real-time business decisions. We want to ensure that the correct patients are receiving the right care & treatment.


Improved Patient Experience

Adhering to the highest standards for an exceptional patient experience through unrivaled authentication methods is vital in helping our customers reduce costs, engage patients, eliminate fraud and increase revenue capture. Protecting authentication data for maximum security, consistency of compliance, & workflow improvement are our top priorities.

Finger, Face & Palm

CERTIFY’s Patient Authentication Platform enables patients to be enrolled & identified via multiple modalities in a variety settings. Our platform is secure, compliant & easy to use. We are integrated into various different devices & we can use a combination of different bio-metrics including, fingerprint, facial recognition & palm vein scanning.


Patented Technology

CERTIFY’s patented technology is on the forefront of identity and authentication management solutions for your organization. Our SaaS authentication platform drives authentication as a service. CERTIFY Score® & CERTIFY BioSign® – two of our patented technologies – give us a distinct advantage over other authentication services in the marketplace.