Transforming the way you ENGAGE with your Patients

CERTIFY was founded by payment  solution technology veteran Marc  Potash and is dedicated to the mission  of simplifying patient authentication  for healthcare organizations, providers  and patients.

Our Platforms are built on sound principles demonstrated  through exemplary performance, brilliant innovation and a deep  commitment to our customers. Right from the start, we focused  on preventing unauthorized access by adhering to the highest  standards for an  exceptional customer experience through  unrivaled authentication products and services. Throughout this  experience, we have remained true to our core principal of  simplifying biometric authentication for everyone.

We are changing the game in healthcare.

With the sharp increase in cybersecurity threats and Internet-of-Things (IoT) vulnerabilities, our commitment to authentication is  stronger than ever. By authenticating the one-and-only you, our  technology helps our healthcare clients overcome the daunting  threat of identity fraud by protecting one of their most valuable  assets –their data.

Truly seamless interoperability is vital in helping our customers  reduce costs, engage patients, eliminate fraud and increase  revenue capture. Protecting authentication data for maximum  security, consistency of compliance, and workflow improvement  are our top priorities.

Usernames and passwords are routinely lost, stolen or shared.  Envision the day that usernames and passwords are obsolete  and replaced with innovative biometric authentication. This  form of identification absolutely proves unique personal identity  while safeguarding and streamlining every aspect of our lives  related to interactive technology. CERTIFY is your unique  partner, biometric authentication is your tool and the time to  make this a reality is now.