CERTIFY Health Joins Forces with Olea®️ Kiosks to Offer Contactless Patient Workflows

Certify Health

The CERTIFY Care platform now integrates with Olea’s self-service healthcare kiosks for a satisfying and convenient patient experience.

CERTIFY Health Joins Forces with Olea®️ Kiosks to Offer Contactless Patient Workflows

Certify Health

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CERTIFY Health provides healthcare organizations with modernized solutions to optimize patient care and experience, from onboarding to check-in and payments. This includes CERTIFY Care, an omnichannel digital platform that streamlines patient workflows. Some of the primary features of CERTIFY Care include biometric authentication, digital form completion, patient self-scheduling, patient communication, and patient payments.

Olea® Kiosks is a leading self-service kiosk provider with a sizable presence in the healthcare industry. Their solutions enable various patient check-in, health screening, wayfinding and other workflows for providers and staff. The CERTIFY Care platform can be integrated into the Olea self-service kiosk for a frictionless and secure in-person experience. This endpoint lightens the burden on administrative staff, shortens wait times, and improves outcomes for all.

Together, CERTIFY Care and Olea® Kiosks put the user in control and provide an enhanced patient experience. Healthcare providers and staff benefit with reduced front desk congestion and operational expenses, while improving payment collection and employee satisfaction. This offering can be deployed in a variety of healthcare facilities, including hospital lobbies, admitting departments, medical clinics, urgent care, and more.

With the CERTIFY Care and Olea solution, your organization can simplify administrative processes and focus on providing patients with high-quality care. To learn more, contact CERTIFY at team@certifyhealth.com.

About CERTIFY Health

CERTIFY Health is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations transform the way they engage with their patients. To accomplish this mission, CERTIFY offers a robust product suite including biometric authentication, digital patient intake, and COVID-19 vaccination scheduling and credential solutions. Organizations of all types and sizes can leverage CERTIFY solutions to improve their patient engagement and workflows. To learn more, visit us at www.certifyhealth.com or on LinkedIn and Facebook.

About Olea Kiosks®, Inc.

Olea Kiosks Inc. is a self-service kiosk solution provider for the healthcare and finance, e-government and hospitality industries.  Its technologically advanced, in-house manufacturing, design, and innovation have made it an industry leader. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, customers include Cedars Sinai, Kaiser Permanente, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas, The Empire State Building, Universal Studios, and Subway.

For more information, visit https://www.olea.com/.