Digital Patient Intake & Onboarding

Patient Registration & Scheduling, Simplified

Enable patients to manage their intake experience with more satisfaction and less hassle.

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Patient Scheduling

Let patients plan appointments at their leisure with our self-scheduling functionalities.

  • Provide easy & convenient online scheduling options to set your practice apart
  • Directly integrate with EHRs & scheduling portals
  • Automate scheduling to free up staff & offer 24×7 scheduling capabilities
  • Lower cancellation & no-show rates

Digital Forms & Consent Signing

Ditch the clipboard and enable patients to complete their paperwork from anywhere they want.

  • Create more efficient check-in processes for shorter wait times
  • Boost patient satisfaction with a modernized, paperless experience
  • Safeguard patient data
  • Automatically update patient data in your EHR

Patient Communication

Keep patients engaged & informed at every point in the process for improved outcomes.

  • Automate appointment & payment reminders
  • Offer convenient yet customized patient interactions
  • Increase trust with regular check-ins while reducing no-shows
  • Real time communication with patients via SMS
  • Leverage our text-to pay functionality
  • Send actionable post-visit patient surveys

Patient Authentication

Verify patient identities easily & frictionlessly to secure your practice.

  • Mitigate risk of medical fraud by ensuring that patients are correctly identified
  • Protect patient information with ease by utilizing their biometrics
  • Prevent duplicate records and their unnecessary expense via accurate authentication
  • Reduce medical errors and ensure that patients are receiving the right care & treatment

Co-Pay & Balance Collection

Provide ease of payment so your patients don’t have to think twice about paying their bills.

  • Offer a wider, more user-friendly range of payment options, including automated payment plans & self-service payments
  • Ensure transparency so your patients know what they’re paying
  • Increase payments by making the billing process as easy & painless as possible

Mobile, Tablet, & Kiosk Check-In

Choose from a range of modalities for patient check-in & authentication.

  • Mobile compatibility to accommodate guests who prefer to use their mobile devices
  • Tablet options for increased accessibility & ease of use
  • Kiosk options that enable patients to easily complete digital forms, make payments, capture e-signatures & consents for a smoother check-in experience

Comprehensive Tools for Your Staff

Leverage our various patient scheduling, communication, payment & analytics capabilities so your staff can provide a seamless patient experience.

  • Wait time analysis
  • Real-time eligibility of benefit verification
  • Payment collections
  • Appointment scheduling & confirmations
  • Patient data & document management
  • Two-way patient texting