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Streamline your administrative tasks, improve staff efficiency, and deliver the quality care your patients deserve

Challenges Faced by Health Systems & Hospitals

Staffing Challenges

Hospitals and health systems struggle with fewer staff, making patient care harder. That’s where patient engagement platforms step in. They help by eliminating paperwork and reducing administrative tasks, promoting staff efficiency for better patient experience. Just with fewer staff, handle your patients efficiently.

Unstructured clinical workflows

Hospitals are constantly looking for ways to improve their clinical workflows in order to provide the best possible care for patients. Patient engagement offers solutions that help healthcare facilities create standardized workflows, streamline processes, and improve communication between care teams

Lack of interoperability

Hospitals face a significant challenge: the lack of interoperability among different electronic health record (EHR) systems. This hinders access to patient information across facilities, leading to treatment delays and increased risks of medical errors. A patient engagement platform solves this by integrating different EHRs for smooth communication.

How does the CERTIFY Health Platform Help Health Systems and Hospitals?

Staffing Solution

CERTIFY Health platform streamlines operations with digital patient intake, reducing administrative tasks. This optimizes staff efficiency and enhances the overall patient experience. User-friendly interfaces and kiosk check-in solutions empower healthcare professionals to focus on patient care, not administrative burdens.

Streamlined Clinical Workflows

The CERTIFY Health platform improves clinical workflows by creating a cohesive structure for healthcare processes. It offers solutions for streamlined communication among care teams, enabling healthcare facilities to optimize their operations. This results in more organized and efficient care delivery, ultimately enhancing the patient’s experience.

Interoperability Solution

CERTIFY Health Platform serves as a bridge, enabling seamless communication between disparate EHR systems. By providing a unified platform for data exchange, CERTIFY Health ensures that patient information is accessible across facilities, minimizing treatment delays, and reducing the risks of medical errors.

Efficient Patient Intake, Streamlined Payments, and Exceptional Patient Experience!

CERTIFY Health’s convenient scheduling, faster biometric check-ins, digital intake, and more attract patients to your healthcare, offering a seamless journey for all.


Easily schedule 24/7 with our online platform. Select your provider, choose from their availability, and enjoy the flexibility to cancel or reschedule appointments effortlessly for a hassle-free healthcare experience

Revolutionize check-ins with our biometric-enabled feature, reducing costs and preventing fraud. Patients enroll their face once, then effortlessly check in by simply smiling at the camera for subsequent appointments.

Empower patients with our digital check-in. Fill out forms, sign consents, complete health questionnaires, and make payments seamlessly via mobile, kiosks, tablets, or web for a streamlined and efficient experience.

Experience a fully mobile-friendly journey with our end-to-end patient engagement platform. From scheduling to form filling, consent signing, and payments – empower patients with seamless access and convenience at their fingertips.

Engage your patients through our platform, as it personalizes patient communication via SMS/emails, queue notifications, appointment reminders, and more for a smooth healthcare journey.

Engage patients through personalized emails or SMS about their appointments. Customize the look of emails/SMS using our standard or custom templates before sending them to patients, ensuring consistent follow-ups.

Send real-time updates to your patients regarding their queue positions and anticipated wait times. Allow your patients to make informed decisions about their schedules based on these updates.

Streamline appointment management and ensure timely payments through automated reminders. Improve healthcare revenue via payment reminders and reduce missed appointments via appointment reminders.

Capture patient demographics and other details ahead of their visit, eliminating cumbersome manual form filling. With seamless digital intake forms, prioritize your patients’ valuable time to optimize healthcare efficiency

Retain patients effortlessly with CERTIFY Health’s tailored follow-up appointments, post-visit communication practices, and responsive patient feedback systems, ensuring lasting patient relationships and loyalty.

Effortlessly prompt your patients to schedule follow-up visits with automated appointment reminders. Helps patients stick to their treatment plans and makes the practice schedule smoother for better patient care.

Send tailored messages and reminders regarding upcoming appointments, medication schedules, or post-care instructions. Address patient queries even after their visits to ensure follow-up communication with them.

Seamlessly collect and organize patient feedback through user-friendly surveys or interactive tools. Such a feedback loop helps healthcare to address concerns, improve services and adapt to patient needs effectively.

Boost healthcare revenue through CERTIFY Health’s streamlined insurance verification, diverse payment options, and timely payment reminders, ensuring financial efficiency and reduced revenue cycle gaps.

Optimize cash flow, minimize claim rejections, and instantly access patient’s co-pay details. Verify patient insurance to stay updated on the latest benefit information, ensuring seamless healthcare management.

Explore diverse payment options such as Google pay/Apple pay, to enable patients to make hassle-free payments. Utilize diverse payment modes including CC, ACH, HSA, & FSA that allow patients to securely pay their medical bills.

Easily prompt your patients via automated payment reminders to settle bills, which in turn streamlines revenue. Minimize your patients’ overdue amounts, enhancing cash flow for healthcare practices.

Elevate Patient Payment Experience

Your patients anticipate a seamless and transparent payment process from their favored healthcare system. CERTIFY Health offers versatile payment modes and methods, IVR, text-to-pay, and more to elevate patient satisfaction, foster loyalty, boost net promoter scores, and optimize collections. We deliver an intuitive and secure billing and payment system, allowing patients to settle co-pays and outstanding balances upon check-in.

Doctors and patients

HL7/FHIR Integration – Facilitating Data Exchange in Health Systems

With HL7/FHIR integration, our platform streamlines healthcare data interoperability and ensures smooth and efficient communication between diverse health systems. This integration facilitates the exchange of clinical and administrative data, digitizes workflows, and enhances the accessibility and accuracy of patient information.

Through CERTIFY Health’s HL7/FHIR integration, healthcare providers experience a new level of efficiency and flexibility in managing and sharing critical healthcare data, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes.

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