CERTIFY Health – Customized Patient Experience Software 

Boost Revenue with CERTIFY's Insurance Verification

Reduce insurance claim denials and boost revenue by verifying primary benefits at every interaction to ensure coverage has not lapsed.

Enhanced Healthcare Efficiency with Insurance Verification

CERTIFY’s real-time insurance eligibility verification streamlines healthcare cash flow and minimizes claim rejections. Get instant access to co-pay details and verify your patient benefits to ensure the coverage has not expired. Efficiently check your patient’s insurance and access their latest benefit information.

CERTIFY’s Solution to Overcome Healthcare’s Insurance Claim Frauds

Insurance Claim Fraud – A Serious Threat to Healthcare

According to a recent statistics report, every year, insurance fraud ends with an annual misappropriation of a minimum of $308.6 billion. As a result, a great loss that eventually affects the healthcare revenue.

So, how do you Confront this Healthcare Insurance Fraud?

Prevent healthcare insurance fraud by utilizing CERTIFY Health. Our Insurance Verification allows seamless checking of patients’ insurance eligibility before consultations. Now, your patients conveniently pay their co-pays during check-in, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

CERTIFY’s Journey on Patients’ Insurance Verification

Step 1

Upload your Patient’s Insurance Card

Patients have the convenience of uploading their insurance cards to ensure their identity and contact details match with electronic medical records. With CERTIFY’s EHR integration, our platform cross-references and authenticates patients' data accurately.

OCR Data Capture & Verification

The OCR data capture process swiftly reads patients' card details, extracting vital information like the insurance provider, expiration date, and more. This information is subsequently verified, enabling patients to avail themselves of a particular healthcare service.

Step 2

Staff Notification upon Authentication

Following successful patient authentication, the healthcare platform gathers the necessary information regarding the patient's insurance eligibility. Now, empower your staff to dedicate less time to chasing insurance providers and instead spend more time engaging with patients.

Step 3

Real-time Co-pay Collection

Our platform simplifies the insurance verification process, allowing healthcare to determine and collect the co-pay amount during patient check-in. With seamless EHR integration, gain immediate access to your patient’s current insurance and benefit details.

Step 4

Easy Patient Payment Ways

CERTIFY offers patients with versatile options to settle their co-pays. Patients can conveniently visit the facility and use a Kiosk or tablet for payment. Additionally, they have the flexibility to complete the payment from the comfort of their homes using a mobile device.

Step 5

Expect fewer insurance claim denials and a good collection rate with CERTIFY's E&B feature. Presenting accurate co-pay information during patient check-in optimizes the healthcare administrative process.

Benefits of Integrating CERTIFY’s Insurance Verification into your Healthcare

  • Eliminate Bad Debts

    With accurate insurance coverage information of patients, healthcare can prevent offering services without valid insurance, thereby minimizing bad debts.

  • Improve Revenue

    Streamlined insurance verification avoids delays in claims processing and optimizes revenue streams, ensuring reimbursement for services covered by valid insurance plans.

  • Enhance Patient Experience

    Patients enjoy a seamless healthcare journey with reduced administrative burdens due to upfront insurance coverage verification. Fewer billing issues and swift service approvals contribute to an enhanced patient experience.

  • Optimized Operations

    With standardized insurance verification processes and streamlined workflows, healthcare facilities can allocate resources more effectively, optimizing overall operational performance.