CERTIFY Health – Customized Patient Experience Software 

Instant Insurance Verification with CERTIFY Health

With CERTIFY’s insurance verification, reduce claim denials and verify primary benefits at every interaction to ensure coverage has not lapsed.

Better Patient Experience with Automated Insurance Verification

Are your practices spending countless hours doing insurance eligibility verification? With CERTIFY Health, your staff can spend less time tracking your insurance providers and more time on patient care.

Enhanced Front Desk Efficiency with Insurance Verification

CERTIFY’s real-time insurance eligibility verification streamlines your practice revenue and minimizes claim rejections. Get instant access to co-pay details and verify patient benefits to ensure coverage has not expired. Quickly check your patient’s insurance and access their latest benefit information.

Eliminate Insurance Claims
Fraud at your Practice

Insurance Claims Fraud – A Serious Threat to Healthcare

According to recent reports, insurance fraud costs a minimum of $308.6 billion annually, resulting in a significant loss to your practice’s revenue.

So, how can you Confront Healthcare Insurance Fraud?

CERTIFY Health protects your practice against insurance fraud. Our Medical Insurance Verification checks and verifies patient insurance eligibility prior to consultations. Enable patients to settle their co-pays and outstanding balances during the check-in process with multiple payment options.

CERTIFY’s Journey in Secure
Insurance Verification

Patients can easily upload their insurance cards for insurance verification and to ensure accurate records matching with your EHR. Our platform’s EHR integration confirms and authenticates patient data and helps identify duplicate patient records.

The OCR data capture process easily reads patient card details, extracting vital information including the insurance provider, expiration date, policy number, and more for the verification process. 

Following successful patient verification, your practice can gather necessary information regarding patient insurance eligibility. Free up your staff’s time and resources to focus on patient care.

With our insurance eligibility check, your practice can determine and collect payment balances. Get immediate access to patient’s current insurance and benefit details through our EHR integration or through our insurance verification process.
With multiple payment methods, patients can complete payment at home using their phone. Patients can also continue their payment procedure at your practice using kiosk/tablet.

Maximizing Practice Efficiency with
CERTIFY’s Insurance Verification Software

Reduce Bad Debts

Verify patient insurance in real time and get coverage information to minimize bad debts.

Improve Cash Flow

Automated insurance verification helps reduce claim denials, ensuring reimbursement for covered services.

Avoid Costly Rework

Find accurate coverage the first time to avoid costly rework and ensure a smooth process for your practice.

Enhance Staff Efficiency

Keep up with increasing patient demand by using automated work queues, reducing staff overload.

Streamline your Workflows 

With insurance verification and streamlined workflows, your practices can use resources better, improving overall performance.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Empower your patients with accurate payment estimates and reduced billing errors leading to a better patient experience.

Increase Your Practice’s Revenue Collection with Medical Insurance Eligibility Software

Is your practice still manually verifying patients’ medical insurance eligibility? This process can be incredibly time-consuming and costly for every patient you handle.
Medical insurance eligibility