CERTIFY Health – Customized Patient Experience Software 

Integration with

Integration with ARIA helps healthcare facilities streamline clinical and operational workflows, leading to improved care coordination, increased patient satisfaction, and better health outcomes.

CERTIFY Health Integration with ARIA

CERTIFY Health boasts a sophisticated bidirectional integration with ARIA. It is cloud based EMR/EHR software that seamlessly incorporates practice management, patient portal, and medical billing functionalities.

Through two-way integration of CERTIFY Health, experience the easy exchange of the patient’s significant data like payment and demographic information with ARIA. Using such a dynamic connectivity, our platform streamlines the patient intake procedure, eventually changing the way of delivering patient care.

Doctors and patients

The Integration Workflow of CERTIFY Health & ARIA

Experience our tailored workflow, illustrating how CERTIFY Health effortlessly integrates and exchanges patient data with ARIA.

Front Desk’s Initiation

Front desk starts the actual process of booking appointments for patients in ARIA.

ARIA Integration

Scheduled appointments in ARIA migrate smoothly from ARIA to CERTIFY Health’s system.

Patient Check-In

Patients can either use their mobile phone or desktop to start the pre-registration procedure or breeze through self-check-in on-site via Kiosk/iPad.

Simplified Patient Data Input

It’s time to provide all the details of patients like demographics and clinical data through CERTIFY Health platform.

Digitals Form Completion

Seamlessly tackle clinical tasks and the patient can complete digital consent forms, clinical and other forms ahead of their appointment.

Payment Convenience

Settle outstanding balances and co-pays conveniently through Credit Card swipe with Kiosk/Tablet and avoid bad debts. Feel free to pay by cash at the front desk.

Data Return to ARIA

Vital patient information like clinical, demographics, significant documents, and medical history, etc. are sent back to ARIA at the end.

Bidirectional Integration!

Finally, it’s done! This is how bi-directional integration occurs between CERTIFY Health and ARIA for enhanced efficiency and practice management.

CERTIFY Health integrates with EHR partners