CERTIFY Health – Customized Patient Experience Software 

Integration with

CERTIFY Health platform’s integration with CERNER streamlines clinical and operational workflows of healthcare, mainly to improve patient experience.

CERTIFY Health Integration with CERNER

CERTIFY Health boasts a sophisticated bidirectional integration with CERNER, a cloud-based EHR software. With two-way integrations, exchanging patient’s demographic and payment information becomes easier than before. Such dynamic connectivity streamlines the patient intake process, eventually revolutionizing the new way of delivering patient care.

Doctors and patients

The Integration Workflow of CERTIFY Health & CERNER

Explore our tailored workflow, illustrating how CERTIFY Health effortlessly integrates and exchanges patient data with CERNER. According to the needs of the healthcare partner, this can be customized as well.

Front Desk’s Initiation

Integration starts at the front desk, where they initiate the new patient appointments in CERNER.

CERNER Integration

Scheduled appointments in CERNER are imported from CERNER to CERTIFY Health’s system.

Patient Check-In

Patients can use their mobile phone or desktop to start the check-in procedure at home or breeze through self-check-in via an on-site Kiosk/iPad.

Simplified Patient Data Input

Let your patients enter the crucial data needed before their consultation, including demographics and clinical information.

Digital Form Completion

The patient fills out clinical, consent, and assessment forms and digitally signs them on a Kiosk/iPad screen or mobile phone.

Payment Convenience

Patients can conveniently pay their outstanding balances and co-pays through a credit card swipe at the kiosk/tablet.

Data Return to CERNER

Vital patient information like clinical, demographics, encountered documents, and medical history are sent back to CERNER at the end.

Bidirectional Integration

CERTIFY platform seamlessly integrates bi-directionally with CERNER, boosting efficiency and elevating healthcare practice to new heights.

CERTIFY Health integrates with EHR partners