CERTIFY Health – Customized Patient Experience Software 

CERTIFY’s Integration with EMPI Platform

Integration of CERTIFY Health with IBM Initiate’s EMPI platform ensures secure patient identification and improved medical record accessibility, enhancing precision in healthcare.

IBM Initiate with CERTIFY Health

CERTIFY Health seamlessly integrates with IBM Initiate, an EMPI platform, to elevate medical record accessibility for our esteemed healthcare partners. Leveraging EMPI integration, a patient identification profile is thoroughly safeguarded across our platform’s advanced biometric matching system, ensuring security and precision. Integrating EMPI ensures more precise upkeep of patient demographic information, contributing to enhanced patient care.

CERTIFY Health & IBM Initiate Integration Workflow

Discover the seamless integration of CERTIFY Health with an EMPI platform, IBM Initiate, ensuring the secure flow of patient data throughout healthcare systems.

Streamlined EMPI Integration

Experience seamless integration with IBM Initiate Master Data Management through CERTIFY, enabling real-time patient identification from any location.

Step 1

Capturing Patient Biometric Data

CERTIFY's facial recognition via Kiosk/Tablet effortlessly connects captured patient data at registration points to local medical records, subsequently integrating with EHR.

Step 2

Accurate Patient Identification

Biometrically captured patient data is linked to their medical records, ensuring precise patient identification. When visiting other healthcare facilities within the network, CERTIFY captures biometric data for one-to-many identification.

Step 3

Seamless Medical Records Access

CERTIFY Health's integration with IBM Initiate establishes a secure patient identity across the network. With EMPI integration, healthcare facilities gain comprehensive access to patients' medical records, regardless of check-in location within the health system.

Step 4

How does CERTIFY’s EMPI Integration Benefit your Healthcare Platform?

Eliminates Duplicate Medical Records

Enables healthcare providers to eliminate redundant patient medical records with a comprehensive patient profile.

Ensures Care Delivery

By verifying and consolidating patient medical records, CERTIFY’s integration guarantees precise care delivery for your patients.

Protects PHI

With HIPPA compliance and data security, CERTIFY Health prioritizes stringent data security, safeguarding patients’ Personal Health Information (PHI).

Enhances Data Accuracy

Reduces the risk of manual data entry errors, as it syncs with the EMPI platform to provide accurate and up-to-date patient records.

Streamlined Patient Identification

The integration simplifies real-time patient identification from any location, enhancing efficiency in healthcare processes.

Seamless Data Connectivity

Through the integration, patient data captured at registration points connects with local medical records, facilitating smooth integration with EHR.

Network-wide Identification

When patients visit other facilities within the healthcare network, their biometric data is captured and sent for one-to-many identification, fostering comprehensive and accurate identification across the network.

Omnipresent and Secure Patient Identity

CERTIFY Health’s integration with IBM Initiate establishes a unique, omnipresent, and secure identity for patients, contributing to enhanced data security and accessibility.