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CERTIFY’s Payment Integration with OnePay

CERTIFY’s Integration with OnePay simplifies healthcare billing and ensures secure online transactions for an enhanced patient journey.

Integration with Payment Gateway - OnePay

At CERTIFY Health, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that elevate your healthcare practice. Seamlessly integrating with OnePay, our platform simplifies payment processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient financial experience for both healthcare providers and patients.

OnePay Integration – An Omnichannel Payment Solution

Partnership with OnePay enables healthcare providers to offer multiple payment modes and plans, which in turn improves healthcare payment efficiency and revenue cycle.

Integration with OnePay offers several features to healthcare organizations:

Benefits of Integrating with OnePay Payment Gateway

Integrating CERTIFY Health with OnePay brings tangible benefits to healthcare providers, significantly improving the patient’s experience and operational efficiency within healthcare.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Manage your front-end operations easily, as your staff can avoid manual data entry for patient payments. Our integrated platform streamlines all the activities to handle your patients’ payments, co-pay balances, medical billing, etc.

Improve Financial Management

Streamlines your administrative tasks, freeing up time and resources for better patient care. This shift reduces healthcare facility overhead by optimizing revenue cycle management through a balanced focus on efficient operations and improved patient care.

Secure Transactions

OnePay prioritizes robust security compliances to safeguard patient payment information. They incorporate stringent measures like PCI DSS Compliance, Tokenization, and Multi-Factor Authentication to ensure secure transactions for patients.

Insightful Data Analysis

With OnePay integration, seamlessly generate data insights regarding your patients’ payments. Such data insights and reports aid healthcare providers in better financial planning and decision-making.

Enhance Patient Experience

Simplifying payment processes through OnePay integration enhances patient satisfaction. Your patients appreciate the ease of managing their bills and transactions through our unified platform, leading to a positive patient experience.

CERTIFY Health – Our Open Integration with any Payment Gateway

CERTIFY’s open integration to payment gateways empowers healthcare partners to have the flexibility to decide on their unique preferences, which ensures a smooth and patient-centric healthcare journey.

Our platform’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface facilitate seamless integration with any payment gateway, requiring only a few simple steps for complete setup.