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Reimagine the Patient Check-In Experience with Positive Patient Identification

Enable a frictionless check-in procedure for your patients through modern healthcare technology, and Positive Patient Identification (PPID). Allow your patients to have a swift and hassle-free check-in for a seamless experience.

Positive Patient Identification

What Exactly Does PPID Mean?

PPID, which stands for Positive Patient Identification, involves accurately identifying patients and verifying their identity via facial/fingerprint recognition. It eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that the proper treatment and services are provided to the right individual. Upon enrollment, patients can check-in using their unique biometric data that is captured and matched with their existing records.

How Does Positive Patient Identification Simplify Patient Check-In?

Data Collection

Patient Authentication

Data Validation

PPID – Explore the Diverse Modes of Operations

Staff-Assisted Mode

For new patients, the front desk staff offers professional assistance by seamlessly guiding them through the enrollment process. Staff assists patients in entering vital demographic information and facilitates the enrollment of each patient’s unique biometric data.

Self Check-In via Kiosk

Patients can enroll and check-in with PPID directly at a kiosk. After confirming their identity through demographic info, they can enroll their biometrics with a single image capture. During the next visit, they can verify themselves at the kiosk using their biometrics instead of manually entering data.

Self-Enrollment Link

Patients can enroll in PPID directly from their personal devices. A link sent via email/SMS will take the patient through the enrollment flow. Upon clicking the link, the patient will be prompted to upload a state-issued ID/DL and then capture a photo of themself. The captured biometrics are then compared to the image on the DL for verification.

Benefits of Integrating PPID into Healthcare Platform

Data Security

Empower your patient’s data with PPID facial/fingerprint recognition technology, ensuring only authorized access to vital medical records and patient data. Eradicate medical identity theft and insurance fraud claims with PPID.

Data Management

Incorporating biometrics enhances data management by establishing a more secure and efficient approach to patient information handling.

Faster Check-Ins

Speed up your patient’s check-in process via facial recognition and reduce the time to verify their identity. Say goodbye to long waiting queues and take control of your patient’s check-in without staff assistance.

Data Accuracy

Traditional approaches involving manual entry of patient information can be cumbersome and error-prone. In contrast, biometrics ensures the highest level of accuracy when it comes to patient identification.

Improves ROI

By automating patient check-ins with biometric recognition, healthcare can avoid administrative costs linked to manual patient data and record management. It’s a savvy financial move for healthcare and increases the return on investment (ROI).

Integration with EHR 

CERTIFY Health effortlessly integrates with EHR systems, enabling authorized users to swiftly access patient medical records after successful biometric authentication of patients. This seamless EHR integration paves the way for streamlining administrative tasks, enhancing the patient’s safety, and finally, digitizing the overall workflow of the healthcare system.
Patient Identification

PPID - Ensuring Data Security & Compliance

Patient data holds the utmost importance for healthcare organizations. CERTIFY Health’s PPID feature ensures patient record confidentiality and prevents unauthorized access linked to data breaches.
CERTIFY PPID aligns seamlessly with industry standards, including HIPAA and GDPR, assuring that regulatory requirements meticulously manage patient and biometric data.