CERTIFY Health – Customized Patient Experience Software 

Simplifying Patient Check-in for a Seamless Healthcare Journey

CERTIFY’s streamlined patient check-in software is designed to make your patient journey as smooth as possible, eliminating long waiting times & paperwork hassles.

Experience the Digital Patient Check-In with Multiple Options

Enhance your organization’s digital front door strategy and engage patients throughout their healthcare journey with convenient check-in options via mobile, kiosk, and tablet.

Kiosk Check-in

CERTIFY Health’s digital front door solution, featuring a kiosk, provides patients with an efficient check-in experience. This eliminates the need for front-end staff intervention at check-in terminals.

Confirm patient insurance eligibility before appointments. CERTIFY Health offers healthcare providers a way to avoid billing complications, leading to smoother financial transactions.

Redefine the Check-In Process with Kiosks Featuring JAWS
Discover CERTIFY’s self-service kiosks, equipped with JAWS technology, offer clear voice prompts for visually impaired patients. Committed to ADA compliance, we prioritize accessibility for patients to check-in independently.

CERTIFY’s versatile patient check-in system effortlessly supports all types of hardware kiosk solutions, ensuring seamless compatibility with industry-leading software.

Mobile Phone Check-in

Provide your patients with the ability to perform check-in procedures from home. Receive personalized guidance and breeze through on-site mobile check-in.

Self-check-in right in the palm of your patients’ hands!

Experience the convenience of confidential and efficient patient check-in, all from the comfort of your patients’ own devices. Self-service check-in via mobile phone dramatically reduces patient wait time, driving higher patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Patients can gain the ability to manage their check-in process for appointments seamlessly. They can complete screening medical questionnaires from anywhere, anytime, on their mobile device.

But that’s not all; our mobile check-in allows patients to pre-register, effortlessly update their demographic data, check insurance eligibility, and even make payments – making their healthcare journey as easy as a few taps.

Tablet Check-in

Improve staff efficiency with swift patient intake via tablet check-in. Skip the queues at the hospital using patient check-in tablets for a streamlined patient experience 

Long Waiting Queues Getting You Down? Ready to Experience a New Change with Tablet-Based Patient Check-In?

With a tablet, your patients can experience flexible check-in, eliminating front desk queue lines and paper-based records. 

For patients with mobility challenges or those seeking a more private check-in, CERTIFY’s tablet-based check-in is an excellent adaptation for your healthcare practice. 

With a tablet in hand, patients can enjoy socially distanced registration, capture digital signatures, complete forms, questionnaires, and surveys. Empowers healthcare with accessible data collection and seamless patient payment processing, ensuring a smooth and satisfying patient experience. 

Patient-Friendly Check-In Features

Enhance the efficiency of your healthcare facility by providing patients with swift check-in via multiple options, insurance validation, and seamless form completion, all designed to deliver a smooth patient experience.


Empower patients to quickly check-in from their own mobile devices or desktops using facial recognition. Alternatively, they can use the medical check-in kiosk or tablet for a swift check-in experience. 

RFID Check-in

Enable patients to go for an effortless kiosk check-in via the RFID tap to go feature. There is no need for staff intervention – complete your patients’ swift check-in and save their valuable time.

QR Code Scanner

Send a link to patients that, when clicked, generates a QR code. Patients scan this QR code on the facility’s Kiosk or iPad using their mobile phones for a seamless check-in experience. 

ID Cards Validation

Scan and validate patients’ ID/DL cards during Kiosk check-in for instant insurance eligibility verification and medical fraud prevention.

Check-in Forms

Empowering healthcare platforms to employ customizable check-in forms to send patients before their appointments. Fill out digital forms via mobile phone or on-premises Kiosk/tablet.

Insurance Verification & Eligibility

Confirm patient insurance eligibility before appointments. CERTIFY Health offers healthcare providers a way to avoid billing complications, leading to smoother financial transactions.

Integration into Existing EHR

Through CERTIFY’s bi-directional integration with several EHRs, it is easy to acquire sensitive patient data encompassing clinical, demographic, and payment information for your healthcare system. With EHR integration, you can take your patient’s experience to unprecedented heights and improve overall healthcare efficiency.

OCR Technology for Faster Check-in

Save your time! Streamline your patient’s check-in process using CERTIFY’s OCR technology. By swiftly and accurately scanning documents, OCR eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the risk of human error.

Managing Co-pay Collection with Ease

Enhance your patient’s experience by enabling them to settle co-pays instantly during Kiosk/Tablet check-in. Patients can also make payments from their mobile phones in the comfort of their homes using the payment link sent by your front-end staff.