CERTIFY Health – Customized Patient Experience Software 

Simplify Patient Intake

Effortlessly gather patient data prior to their hospital visits with CERTIFY’s digital patient intake forms. Leave behind traditional registration hassles and embrace streamlined processes for enhanced patient satisfaction.

Patient Intake Journey

CERTIFY Health optimizes patient intake with digital forms, flexible check-in, and streamlined payment processes, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient healthcare journey for patients.

Patient receives the registration forms

Send the registration forms automatically to your patients via email/SMS on request. Save your staff time, eliminate paperwork, and say goodbye to administrative & data entry errors.

Fill Out Forms via the Patient Portal

Allow your patients to fill out registration forms in the comfort of their homes using CERTIFY’s user-friendly patient portal. Get easy access to our portal via mobile phone or desktop.

Pay your Co-pay

Enable your patients to pay co-pays on time ahead of their appointments. Eliminate payment delays by sending automated payment reminders to your patients.

Flexible Check-in

With CERTIFY’s platform, your patients can check-in remotely via mobile phone before arriving at the facility. Alternatively, self-service kiosks/tablets are available for seamless check-in at the facility.

Sign Consent Forms Digitally

Engage your patients to electronically sign consent forms and agreements, eliminating the need for physical signatures and reducing paper usage.

Wait-time Notifications

Queue notifications keep patients informed about their position in line. Patients appreciate transparency in wait times, leading to higher satisfaction levels and a positive healthcare experience.

Exit the Facility

Patients can swiftly exit the facility once they’ve cleared any outstanding balances or conveniently settle them using a payment link sent via email or SMS to their mobile phones.

Empowering Administrative Efficiency

Automating several tasks like form delivery, co-pay collection, and appointment/payment reminders, our platform frees up staff to focus on patient care rather than administrative tasks.

Create Customizable Forms & Workflows

Use pre-designed patient intake form templates and intuitive drag-and-drop tools to create personalized patient forms that cater to your healthcare needs.

CERTIFY’s platform lets staff easily customize workflows for healthcare, irrespective of running a small or large institution. Personalize your healthcare workflows effortlessly because we recognize the uniqueness of every organization, making our solutions exclusively designed for you.

Seamless Form Delivery

Automate sending patient registration forms via email or text, simplifying and expediting the completion process for added convenience.

Efficient Data Collection

Collect crucial patient information, including insurance details, ID cards, and consent forms, streamlining administrative processes.

Co-pay Collection

Simplify the financial aspect of patient care by collecting co-pays before appointments, reducing administrative overhead.

Real-time Alerts

With CERTIFY’s platform, send timely alerts to your staff about the progress of the registration process, whether the patient has checked-in, and get accurate wait time calculations.

Post-Appointment Payment Reminders

Engage with your patients’ post-appointments via appointment follow-ups. Send automated payment reminders to patients to collect your outstanding balances.

Our Digital Platform: A Catalyst for Healthcare Efficiency

Are you tired of the endless paperwork and manual forms that bog down your healthcare processes?

It’s time for a refreshing change. Embrace the future of healthcare administration with our digital patient intake forms.

CERTIFY’s digital forms are designed to make life easier for your front-end staff and patients. With our digital platform, patients can efficiently complete intake forms online before their visits. It saves time, reduces in-person wait time, and boosts patient satisfaction.