CERTIFY Health – Customized Patient Experience Software 

Better Practice Management with CERTIFY’s Patient Intake

Manage the complexities of your patient intake with CERTIFY Health. Utilize our automated tools for intake, payment collection, and insurance verification, to enhance your patient’s journey.

Simplifying Patient Intake 

Your staff can now focus solely on guiding your patients through their journey to receive the best care and treatment, as data collection is no longer a part of your patient intake process.

CERTIFY’s platform lets your staff easily customize practice workflows, regardless of your clinic or institution’s size. Our platform is exclusively designed to recognize the uniqueness of your organization to streamline patient workflows.

Appointments Scheduled 

Enrolled Patients

Recorded Biometrics 

HIPAA Compliant Form Builder 

With CERTIFY’s HIPAA-compliant form builder, create secure online intake forms! Get the flexibility to design custom forms tailored to your practice & patient’s needs.

So, your practice can have the flexibility to design patient forms with the following features:

Patient Intake Journey

Patient Receives the Pre-registration Forms via SMS & Email

Send the pre-registration forms to your patients via email/SMS on request after scheduling. Leverage your staff to focus on patient care by eliminating paperwork and data entry errors. 

Complete Pre-Registration Workflow

Patients complete the pre-registration workflow, at their own pace, from their own device. Patients can also complete pre-registration at your practice kiosk or continue where they left off from their devices.

Flexible Check-in

Patients can self-check-in using FaceCheck or QR code scanning at the kiosk after enrollment. Patients can also pre-check-in through CERTIFY Health's SMS-delivered "Push Button".

Sign Consent Forms Digitally

Engage your patients to electronically sign consent forms and agreements, eliminating the need for physical signatures and reducing paper use.

Wait-time Notifications

Patients receive real-time updates on their queue position through our wait-time dashboard. Patients appreciate transparency in wait times, leading to higher satisfaction levels and a positive healthcare experience.

Co-pay Collection

Patients can pay co-pays and outstanding balances from their device, the kiosk or the staff-facing portal. Eliminate payment delays by sending automated payment reminders to your patients.

Exit the Facility

Patients can swiftly exit the facility once they have cleared any outstanding balances or conveniently settle them using a payment link sent via email or SMS to their mobile phones.

FaceCheck for Secure Patient Intake 

Patients can now seamlessly enroll in FaceCheck for their initial check-in, facilitating a swift process. FaceCheck ensures secure patient intake, guaranteeing accurate identification while maintaining HIPAA compliance and adhering to legal standards for data protection.

Streamline your patient intake process and prioritize their journey with the advanced capabilities of FaceCheck.

How does CERTIFY Health Transform Patient Intake Process in Healthcare?

Healthcare practices actively seek ways to improve the patient’s experience through enhanced services that improve care.
Patient intake Process