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Enhance Your Healthcare Practice: Boost efficiency, optimize care, and prioritize patients. CERTIFY Health empowers provider groups in elevating the patient experience, leading to improved satisfaction and better health outcomes.

Challenges Faced by Provider Groups

Regulatory Compliance Challenges

With constantly changing healthcare regulations and compliance with laws like HIPAA, healthcare provider groups encounter substantial challenges in keeping pace with changing laws.

Reimbursement Issues

Due to delays and difficulties in receiving accurate reimbursements from insurance companies/government payers, there is a great impact over the financial health of provider groups.

Integration Complexity

Getting access to medical records of patients seems challenging without EHR integrations, yet provider groups face substantial expenses when seeking to integrate with EHR systems.

Financial Hurdles

Effectively overseeing the financial elements of a healthcare practice, encompassing billing, revenue cycle management, and cost control, demands meticulous attention to detail.

Patient Engagement

Maintaining patient engagement is crucial for any healthcare to improve patient experience. But for value-based care, provider groups need to implement several effective strategies which is really daunting.

Patient Data Security Concerns

In this digitized healthcare era, most of the patient’s sensitive records are vulnerable to cyber threats and hacks. So, for provider groups, it is again a challenge to safeguard patient information from threats.

How does the CERTIFY Health Platform Help Provider Groups?

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

CERTIFY Health adapts to  changing healthcare regulations such as HIPAA, ensuring that provider groups stay updated with compliance protocols and laws.

Streamlined Reimbursement Management

With CERTIFY Health’s insurance verification, provider groups can streamline the reimbursement process by avoiding delays and inaccuracies related to payments.

Efficient EHR Integration

Get easy access to your patient’s medical records seamlessly, as our platform integrates with several EHR systems. Eliminate the expenses for provider groups to integrate with EHR systems.

Revenue Cycle Management

Through CERTIFY’s revenue cycle management, provider groups can easily manage the billing process and ease the patient’s payment process through versatile payment modes and methods.

Patient Engagement

CERTIFY Health, is a patient engagement platform that lets provider groups streamline patient communication and promote care quality which in turn improves patient experience in their healthcare journey.

Data Security Measures

CERTIFY Health prioritizes patient data security through FaceCheck, ensuring only authorized individuals access the sensitive patient records in the healthcare ecosystem.

Efficient Patient Intake, Streamlined Payments, and Exceptional Patient Experience!

CERTIFY Health’s convenient scheduling, faster biometric check-ins, digital intake, and more attract patients to your healthcare, offering a seamless journey for all.


Easily schedule 24/7 with our online platform. Select your provider, choose from their availability, and enjoy the flexibility to cancel or reschedule appointments effortlessly for a hassle-free healthcare experience

Revolutionize check-ins with our biometric-enabled feature, reducing costs and preventing fraud. Patients enroll their face once, then effortlessly check in by simply smiling at the camera for subsequent appointments.

Empower patients with our digital check-in. Fill out forms, sign consents, complete health questionnaires, and make payments seamlessly via mobile, kiosks, tablets, or web for a streamlined and efficient experience.

Experience a fully mobile-friendly journey with our end-to-end patient engagement platform. From scheduling to form filling, consent signing, and payments – empower patients with seamless access and convenience at their fingertips.

Engage your patients through our platform, as it personalizes patient communication via SMS/emails, queue notifications, appointment reminders, and more for a smooth healthcare journey.

Engage patients through personalized emails or SMS about their appointments. Customize the look of emails/SMS using our standard or custom templates before sending them to patients, ensuring consistent follow-ups.

Send real-time updates to your patients regarding their queue positions and anticipated wait times. Allow your patients to make informed decisions about their schedules based on these updates.

Streamline appointment management and ensure timely payments through automated reminders. Improve healthcare revenue via payment reminders and reduce missed appointments via appointment reminders.

Capture patient demographics and other details ahead of their visit, eliminating cumbersome manual form filling. With seamless digital intake forms, prioritize your patients’ valuable time to optimize healthcare efficiency

Retain patients effortlessly with CERTIFY Health’s tailored follow-up appointments, post-visit communication practices, and responsive patient feedback systems, ensuring lasting patient relationships and loyalty.

Effortlessly prompt your patients to schedule follow-up visits with automated appointment reminders. Helps patients stick to their treatment plans and makes the practice schedule smoother for better patient care.

Send tailored messages and reminders regarding upcoming appointments, medication schedules, or post-care instructions. Address patient queries even after their visits to ensure follow-up communication with them.

Seamlessly collect and organize patient feedback through user-friendly surveys or interactive tools. Such a feedback loop helps healthcare to address concerns, improve services and adapt to patient needs effectively.

Boost healthcare revenue through CERTIFY Health’s streamlined insurance verification, diverse payment options, and timely payment reminders, ensuring financial efficiency and reduced revenue cycle gaps.

Optimize cash flow, minimize claim rejections, and instantly access patient’s co-pay details. Verify patient insurance to stay updated on the latest benefit information, ensuring seamless healthcare management.

Explore diverse payment options such as Google pay/Apple pay, to enable patients to make hassle-free payments. Utilize diverse payment modes including CC, ACH, HSA, & FSA that allow patients to securely pay their medical bills.

Easily prompt your patients via automated payment reminders to settle bills, which in turn streamlines revenue. Minimize your patients’ overdue amounts, enhancing cash flow for healthcare practices.

HL7/FHIR Integration – Facilitating Data Exchange in Health Systems

With HL7/FHIR integration, our platform streamlines healthcare data interoperability and ensures smooth and efficient communication between diverse health systems. This integration facilitates the exchange of clinical and administrative data, digitizes workflows, and enhances the accessibility and accuracy of patient information.

Through CERTIFY Health’s HL7/FHIR integration, healthcare providers experience a new level of efficiency and flexibility in managing and sharing critical healthcare data, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes.

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