CERTIFY Health – Customized Patient Experience Software 

Streamlined Patient Payment with CERTIFY’s Revenue Cycle Management

Collect patient payments related to co-pays and outstanding balances with CERTIFY’s easy-to-use platform. Navigate the complexities of healthcare revenue management with ease.

Healthcare Revenue Management 

Let your patients experience smooth payments throughout their healthcare journey, and allow your staff to oversee the patient payment cycle easily.

Simplified Co-Pay Collection and Improved Insurance Verification

Eliminate co-pay delays using CERTIFY’s real-time co-pay collection. With CERTIFY’s platform, healthcare facilities can easily collect co-pays ahead of patient appointments eliminating bad debts. 

CERTIFY’s solution ensures precise insurance eligibility verification, reducing claim fraud and optimizing the reimbursement process for healthcare providers. Reduce the risk of insurance claim denials that drive patient experience and the facility’s revenue.

Facilitate Revenue with Automated Payment Reminders

Optimize the potential of CERTIFY’s automated payment reminders to prompt your patients for timely payments. Boost your revenue and reduce the burden on staff with this invaluable feature. 

Multiple Payment Modes for Added Convenience 

Enhance patient payment convenience with versatile payment options including Credit card, ACH, and many more. CERTIFY’s platform enables your patients to make payments through various devices such as kiosk, mobile phone, tablet, and desktop.

Seamless Payment Integration 

CERTIFY’s Healthcare Revenue Management software seamlessly integrates with multiple payment gateways and welcomes third-party integrations.
Ensures patients receive real-time updates and enjoy hassle-free payment options. Stay in control of your finances and provide superior experience to your patients with our integration capabilities.

Reporting & Analytics

Analytics and reporting drive healthcare for financial optimization, compliance, care quality improvement, and operational efficiency. Enable data-driven decision-making, error reduction, and cost-effective patient care. 

With analytics, identify payment errors leading to voids or refunds and assess patient outcomes and care quality.

With a reporting tool, we provide healthcare with data insights through reports like transaction reports, user-activity reports, etc. to enhance healthcare revenue.