CERTIFY Health – Customized Patient Experience Software 

Simplified Payments, Optimized Revenue Cycle Management

Manage patient payments, boost staff efficiency, maximize practice revenue, and improve patient experience with advanced Revenue Cycle Management Tools. 

Automated Insurance Verification Eliminate Claim Fraud 

Optimize your practice revenue, minimize the risk of inaccurate insurance information, and avoid claim denials with CERTIFY’s automated insurance verification. Easily confirm your patient insurance and access up-to-date benefit information. 

Transforming Patient Payments

Guide your patients to a straightforward billing process by offering simple pre-care and post-care payment options.

Real-time Co-Pay Collection

No more delayed co-pay collections. Collect your patient’s co-pays ahead of their appointments, eliminating payment delays and bad debts.

Improved Cash Flow:

Your practice can better manage its revenue streams and reduce the risk of bad debts, promoting financial stability.

Enhanced Patient Experience:

Eliminate the need for patients to handle transactions at the time of service and reduce their wait times.

Flexible Payment Plans

Empower patients to comfortably manage their financial burdens by paying smaller amounts at regular intervals. Eases your practice from the challenges of handling hefty outstanding balances.

Collect payments based on flexible intervals and minimum amount

Offer partial payments to ease immediate financial burdens

Versatile Payment Methods 

Experience unparalleled payment flexibility with a wide range of options. Patients can complete their payments on any device – mobile phones, kiosks, tablets, or desktops.

Payment methods include:

Convenient Payment Options: IVR and Text-to-Pay

IVR Payment:

CERTIFY's IVR feature simplifies and automates the payment process with voice prompts, reducing staff workload and ensuring hassle-free transactions. Customize voice prompts for a personalized touch before sending them to patients.


With text-to-pay, you don’t have to follow up with your patients for payments but send them invoices via personalized text. Patients can conveniently settle payment using the staff-provided payment link.

Automated Payment Reminders

Deliver timely payment reminders to your patients through SMS and email, elevating revenue streams and alleviating staff burdens. Whether automated or on-demand, we furnish a secure payment link for seamless transactions. 

Seamless Payment Integration 

CERTIFY Health integrates with multiple payment gateways, including OnePay, DataCap, and more, to ensure a hassle-free experience for healthcare providers and patients.

Additionally, CERTIFY Health is open to third-party payment integrations, allowing for even greater flexibility and customization to meet your practice’s unique needs.

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