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Self Service Kiosks​

Kiosks Solutions for All ​


Digital Forms


E-Signature Capture



Stand Alone​

Your check-in process doesn’t have to be limited to one solution. We have many different options to allow your patients to register & check-in to your locations. Patients can use a stand-alone kiosk just as they would in an airport or even the self check at their local grocery store. 

Payment Enabled ​

Being able to get paid in many ways allows for higher collections. Patients can pay all of their outstanding balances and even their co-pay right from the kiosk. They can insert a card right there or use a card that is stored on file. Patients also can set up a payment plan from here as well.  

Quick Check-In​

By leveraging the use of bio-metrics, a patient can easily be authenticated via facial recognition or fingerprint right from the kiosk. Patient satisfaction is our main goal and allow for a speedy check-in will result in higher scores across the board. 

E-Signature & Consents ​

Patients can sign all their documents & required consent forms with the touch of a finger. These documents are then stored and uploaded directly into their patient file. These documents can also automatically be printed or email directly to the patient upon completion.