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Connect With Your Patients​


Improve Patient Engagement​


Improve Patient Satisfaction​


Improve Practice Efficiency ​

Self Scheduling Made Easy​

By offering online self-scheduling to your patients you can  increase patient satisfaction and revenue for your practice or health system all while reducing phone volume and no-show appointments. Our appointment blocks are pulled directly from your Practice Management system or EHR so it allows for real-time up to date calendars for your patients to view.

Fully Integrated ​

Our Self Scheduling Platform integrates directly into your current systems that pull real time schedules from your providers & practices. This allows for the most up to date information & the highest level of accuracy. We can also customize it to block our different times for different providers if needed. 

Reducing No Shows ​

77% of patients think that the ability to book, change or cancel appointments online is important. Reducing your daily call volume by enabling your patients to book or re-schedule routine appointments online or via a text from their mobile phone.

Greatly reduce no-shows and fill empty physician schedules by empowering patients to schedule their own appointments on their time.

Differentiate Yourself ​

Gain new patients and differentiate yourself from other competing practices by offering self-scheduling right on your website or patient portal. By enabling this you could be seeing new patients that day.

Control the entire process by customizing which appointment types are available for patients to self-schedule themselves.

Routine appointments like annual flu shots or physicals can be pre-booked by patients without involving staff time or resources