Patient-provider communication is a crucial component of your practice, improving patient experience and enhancing retention rate. Effective communication in healthcare offers numerous benefits in driving positive health outcomes and fostering patient loyalty.

However, most practices lack effective communication which affects patient engagement and revenue growth. A digital intake platform, like CERTIFY Health, helps practices create a safe and positive patient experience through our enhanced communication tools.

Have a look at the best ways your practices can employ to improve patient-provider communication

Improve your Patient-Provider Communication

1. Elevating Patient Workflows:

Outdated manual workflows often increase your staff workload, making it difficult for them to communicate with patients. Poor communication results in patient dissatisfaction, staff burnout, trouble in taking on new patients, and ultimately worse outcomes.

CERTIFY Health is your solution to automate complex patient workflows, freeing up front-desk staff to focus on patient care. Your practice staff actively responds and interacts with patients by sending post-visit summaries and follow-up appointment reminders rather than getting involved with these time-consuming manual tasks.

2. Implementing Patient Messaging Tools:

Implementing patient messaging tools at your practice is effective for Patient-Provider Communication. Asa soon as your patients start booking appointments, practices can use messaging tools for better communication. Appointment reminders are an active messaging tool to reduce no-shows at your practice, managing your practice appointments efficiently.

CERTIFY Health offers several messaging features, including:

  • SMS/Email Triggers
  • Two-way Texting
  • Pager Communications
  • Broadcast Messaging
  • Queue Notifications/ Wait-time Dashboard

All the above tools help to reduce the communication barriers between patients and providers, ultimately improving patient satisfaction. CERTIFY Health also helps practices send timely payment reminders to streamline revenue collections and reduce payment delays.

3. Utilizing a Secure Patient Portal:

Patient Portal offers many benefits to your practice staff and patients, the top benefit being appointment scheduling. Online scheduling helps collect all necessary patient information before their appointment, making each office visit much less complicated and stressful.

This streamlined communication reduces the need for lengthy phone calls to book appointments, saving time for both staff and patients. CERTIFY Health’s patient portal helps your patients feel secure and many patients find it convenient to provide required but sensitive information for their appointments.

4. Improving Follow-up Visits:

Enhancing patient centered communication is essential for retaining patients. Remind your patients about upcoming and follow-up visits and stay connected with them even after their appointment.

CERTIFY Health provides automated reminders for future follow-ups, ensuring patients stay informed and engaged with their journey. Patient communication in healthcare helps follow-up visits more effective, enhancing patient satisfaction, and refining care delivery.

5. Analyzing Patients with Survey Tools

Collecting patient feedback post-visit shows that the practice values and hears the voices of their patients. This feedback helps them to measure the patients’ satisfaction levels and improve engagement.

CERTIFY HEALTH allows practices to send actionable feedback through a post-visit patient survey tool. With our platform’s survey tool, you can

  • Improve the quality of work
  • Measure patient satisfaction level
  • Show trends or patterns
  • Evaluate staff performance
  • Mitigate litigation risks

6. Compliance and Security for Messaging

For effective patient-provider communication, secure messaging that is compliant with healthcare regulations is essential. Your practice must adhere to strict standards to protect patient privacy and follow relevant laws.

CERTIFY Health prioritizes compliance with healthcare standards, ensuring that all communication, including appointment/payment reminders, meets HIPAA regulations and patient privacy requirements. Patient data is securely managed and protected to support confidentiality and trust.


Prioritizing effective patient-provider communication is essential for healthcare practices to enhance patient satisfaction, streamline operations, and drive better health outcomes. CERTIFY Health helps your practice improve how they work and keep communication safe and secure. We help your practice connect with your patients and to be ready for the continued evolution of the patient experience in care delivery.