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How Does CERTIFY Health Transform the Patient Intake Process in Healthcare?

Patient intake Process

Healthcare practices actively seek ways to improve the patient’s experience through enhanced services that improve care. Challenges like extended wait times, scheduling problems, and staff shortages pose obstacles to satisfying patients. Recognizing the need for improvement, patient engagement platforms like CERTIFY Health are evolving to streamline healthcare workflow and elevate patient experience.

In this blog, we will look at how CERTIFY Health streamlines the Patient Intake Process.

How does CERTIFY Health Streamline the Patient Intake Process?

CERTIFY Health transforms the healthcare experience by minimizing patients’ time filling out forms and other manual tasks, embracing a fully digital approach with zero paper forms. This enhanced patient intake process increases efficiency in the care setting, simplifying and expediting the check-in process for patients and your staff.

With the convenience of filling out digital forms, the dependence on physical paperwork decreases, eliminating the need for bulk form storage and manual data entry errors. This digital approach ensures an error-free system, reducing staff members’ workload and leveraging these limited resources to focus on patient care.

CERTIFY Health’s patient intake process can improve the process of information collection and verification for your patients:

Simplified pre-registration:

Patients can conveniently complete pre-registration from the comfort of their homes using their mobile phones/desktops. By clicking on the registration link sent by your staff, they can quickly schedule appointments.

Mobile-Friendly Intake:

New patients can have the option to complete their intake forms online from any device. We simplify the onboarding process for new patients and provide convenient digital forms. This patient intake process eliminates the need to download new applications and ensures secure messaging tailored to each patient, safeguarding their privacy.

Facility Visit Coordination:

Upon arriving at the facility, patients can notify front-end staff regarding their appointments via text message, ensuring seamless coordination between healthcare providers and individuals.

Effortless Check-in Options:

Patients can conveniently check in at your facility using either a kiosk or tablet. During this process, your patients can quickly provide basic information that can authenticate your patient in a secure manner.


Following the entry of personal data, patients have the ability to enroll in FaceCheck. FaceCheck allows patients to verify their identity to ensure compliance with privacy laws.

Insurance Verification:

Patients can upload a state-issued identification and Insurance cards during the check-in process to expedite insurance verification. The CERTIFY Health platform can automate the insurance eligibility process, minimizing the risk of claim denials and bad debts.

Sign Patient Intake Forms:

Enable patients to review and sign patient intake forms before their consultation. Our platform lets patients sign consent forms digitally, eliminating the need for physical signatures and reducing paper usage.

Co-pay Settlements:

Patients can easily settle co-pays and outstanding balances using multiple payment methods integrated into the CERTIFY Health platform.

Features of Patient Intake Software in Healthcare:

Real-Time Payment – CERTIFY Health provides patients with an Insurance Verification, enabling healthcare providers to verify insurance eligibility for their patients instantly. This feature reduces rejected claims and enhances payment collections.

Automated Reminders – With our platform, you can send your patients automated reminders about upcoming appointments, balance payments, or post visit follow up information and surveys. This functionality contributes to your practice efficiency by reducing no-show rates, enhancing patient engagement, and optimizing collections.

Customizable Forms – Your practice can use our customizable forms and templates to create and design patient intake forms that cater to your unique needs. You can easily create online forms in a few clicks using our user-friendly drag-and-drop tools.

Digital Consent Forms – Using our platform, your patients can sign consent forms electronically during the patient intake process. This not only reduces administrative overhead but also ensures compliance with legal and privacy requirements.

The Bottom Line:

CERTIFY Health enhances your patient’s experience and digitizes your workflow. With CERTIFY Health, healthcare facilities can increase patient retention rates and medical follow-ups, improving your bottom line.

Are you ready to explore how CERTIFY Health can help you save time and money for your practice via a digital patient intake process? Book your demo today and discover how our seamless solutions can drive practice growth and efficiency.

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