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Greenway integration with CERTIFY Health enables access to comprehensive and centralized patient data, leading to better-informed clinical decisions and coordinated care among healthcare providers. 

Greenway Integration with CERTIFY Health

CERTIFY Health’s bidirectional integration with Greenway, a leading cloud-based EMR Software enhances healthcare efficiency. Greenway is a prime suite EMR software that offers clinical, financial, and administrative services to healthcare clinics, elevating value-driven care outcomes and workflows. Through this integration, CERTIFY Health simplifies the seamless exchange of crucial patient data.

Doctors and patients

Optimizing Healthcare: CERTIFY Health & Greenway Integration Workflow

CERTIFY Health integration with Greenway allows the easy exchange of patient demographic, clinical, payment information, and many more. Here comes the workflow of CERTIFY Health and Greenway’s integration in detail:

Clinical Staff’s Task

Scheduling new patient appointments commences at the front desk within the Greenway Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

Greenway Integration

Following appointment scheduling, all appointments are seamlessly transmitted to the CERTIFY Health platform via the integrated Greenway system.

Patient Check-In

Patients have the convenience of self-scheduling appointments using their mobile phones or desktops. Upon arrival at the healthcare facility, they can opt for self-check-in via kiosk/tablet or perform this action remotely from home through their mobile/desktop.

Streamlined Patient Data Entry

Patients can enter their demographic information, including first name, last name, DOB, and medical history, for a streamlined process.

Patient Forms Completion

Facilitating a smoother experience, patients can fill out imperative forms such as consent, assessment, and clinical documents.

Payment Convenience

The payment process is streamlined for patient convenience, allowing them to handle co-pays and outstanding balances via credit card swipe using an in-office kiosk/tablet.

Patient Data Update into Greenway

Following successful payment transactions, our platform updates the comprehensive patient payment information within Greenway’s prime suite. All relevant data, including patients’ demographic details and clinical information, are seamlessly sent to Greenway from CERTIFY Health.

Bidirectional Integration

CERTIFY platform seamlessly integrates bi-directionally with Greenway. Through Greenway integration, healthcare facilities can substantially augment their workflow efficiency and refine their practice management.

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